All food is prepared freshly each day in our kitchen by our dedicated nursery cook, Raj who holds an up-to-date health & hygiene certificate (we also ensure that at least two other members of staff hold an up- to-date health & hygiene certificate). Raj also holds a nutrition in childcare certificate, helping her to create recipes and implement tasty and nutritious meals for the children. All food is prepared age appropriately keeping in mind chewing and swallowing capabilities. Healthy, varied and well-balanced meals are prepared daily meeting any dietary and/or cultural requirements your child may have at our nursery.

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We promote the social aspect of meal times. Children sit at the table in small groups with their key person. The cutlery used is age appropriate and the older children may help themselves from serving dishes on the table. Our younger children are provided with specially designed, low-level chairs and parents of these children are provided with written information on food intake.