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Happy Tots is more than just a private nursery in Manchester; at Happy Tots we work hard to deliver a balanced curriculum that values every child. Through free play and structured educational activities, we offer children opportunities to learn and make sense of the world around them, in fact, all of the things you would hope to expect from well organised,professional and caring private day nursery.

At our Ofsted registered Nursery children’s learning and development is guided and supported by highly trained, qualified and experienced practitioners, who have been carefully selected for their ability to care for, and nurture each individual child. We have pioneered childcare and education in Manchester for over 20 years at our private nurseries. 

Children are carefully allocated their own individual base room that is relevant to their age and stage of leaning and development. Each room has an educational, learning environment that suitably equipped with resources to support and interest them as they learn and achieve their full potential. We offer pre-admission visits for parents and children to meet the staff, share information and observe the daily life of our nurseries.

We encourage a strong partnership between home and nursery. Parent input is highly valued, and because parents are a child's first educator, we work in Partnership with Parents and the Family for the best outcome of the child.

Each child is assigned a key person who works with both you and your child to ensure a shared understanding.

 Parents are welcome at all times and our friendly and caring staff are always available to discuss any queries that you may have, about any aspect of your child's care, learning and development.

If you are looking for affordable, caring and educational childcare from a private day nursery in the Manchester area, then the high quality and professional childcare and education at Happy Tots is just what you and your child want.










Last update: 2019-07-10