Being Healthy

Teaching healthy eating habits

We believe is important to start healthy eating habits early. At Happy tots we consciously educate children from a very young age to make healthy food choices. We aim to provide them with the knowledge and independence to make healthy choices that will set them up for the future.

The breakfast, lunch, snacks and teas that we provide are healthy, balanced and nutritious. Taking into consideration the little tummies (and little appetite), children are offered 3 healthy meals a day, with at least 2 snacks in between to make sure they’re getting all the nutrition they need.

Staff at Happy tots are encouraged to sit down and eat together with the children. By getting involved with snack and mealtimes, by eating the food themselves, children may be more willing to join in and follow suit in trying new things.

We put emphasis on enhancing children’s understanding in where their food comes from. This is key in developing healthy, sustainable attitudes towards food in later life.

In our little outside space, we plant alongside the flowers herbs, fruit and vegetables – as it’s always so much more exciting to eat things that you watch growing and picking yourself.


Following what DfE and Public Health England recommends, milk and water are the only drinks available for children attending our nursery.

Special Dietary Requirements

We cater to any food requirements that your child might need, whether it’s vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, or halal.